Posted by: flycoyote | March 9, 2010

Tigers and Rhinos and People, Oh My!

India, India India.

It is very hard to put down our experience in words or in pictures.  It was amazing, overwhelming and incredible stimulating.  Often we were so absorbed in the situation at hand that we forgot to take pictures.  Other times you would need a sound track and a nose track to get the full experience; a picture would simply be such a flat and sterile version of the events as to be almost worthless.   Despite that I will post some pictures below.  More commentary to come later.

Maheshwar, India

Narmada River Ghats in Maheshwar, India

Indian Tigar

Tiger in Bandavgarh National Park

Indian One-Horned Rhino

Buddist Prayer wheels Sikkim, India

Buddist Prayer Wheels Sikkim, India

Dogs near Taj

Dogs outside the Taj Mahal Agra, India

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