Posted by: flycoyote | January 15, 2010

Akbar’s Hotel

January 15, 2001

We are finally getting our “India legs” so to speak.  We are not as overwhelmed by the number of people and the noise.  I won’t say we are used to it yet but we are managing.  We spent two days in Mandu exploring the walled Mughal city there.  Not a lot of people but some pretty ferocious monkeys! The inspiration for the Taj Mahal came from a local Mandu mausoleum.   It was a pleasant rural experience  which is a delight in a country of over a billion people.

Last night we stayed in a hotel in Maheshwar built by Akbar the great.  The  fortress walls that make up a good part of the hotel were built by him.  Our own private balcony was on the top of the fortress wall over looking  the entrance gate.  The kids were in pretend heaven playing in their medieval fantasy world.

Maheshwar was a lovely little town on a sacred river that happened to be having a festival.   It was a delight to see all the ceremonies and share the peoples excitement.  Part of the fortress wall butted up against the ghats where the festivities were taking place giving it a magical atmosphere.  We wished we could have stayed longer as it was such a wonderful experience.

Still no luck with posting pictures but I haven’t given up.  We are off to the train and the Tigers!

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