Posted by: flycoyote | January 12, 2010


Bangkok was a breeze.  Nothing but great food and beautiful temples.  Mumbai was a total assault on our senses and emotions.  One just can’t imagine 20 million people all living packed together in a such a small area.   Everything about Mumbai is overwhelming, the pollution, the poverty the noise.  Our poor Alaskan minds could not handle the crowds so we fled to the “small” (1.2 million) town of Indore.  Its still loud and crowded but manageable so.  We are headed to the town of Mandu which has less than 10,000 people to see if we can get ourselves adjusted to India.

Last night coming in to Indore we saw a long procession of dancers, painted elephants and a marching band on its way to the local temples.  As of yet we can’t figure out how to get the pictures from our camera to the web.

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