Posted by: flycoyote | November 3, 2009

Flowers of the Arctic

bpkonga 2009 005

Arctic Lupine

Flowers of the Arctic

A floral  journey through  the wilderness.

In June of 2009, My family did a backpacking trip in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is located in the north eastern side of Alaska.  We did a nine day backpacking trip on Baseline Creek of the Kongakut River drainage.

My sister,  my mom and I  took pictures of all the flowers we saw, for a few reasons: first because  we did not have a good flower book, second because books are heavy and third because we wanted to.

Here are all the flowers that we were able to name: The Arctic Lupine ,Lupinus arcticus; Mountain Avens or  8 pedaled Avens  all go by the same scientific  name Dryas octopetala; Bog rosemary, Andromeda polifoliaery; Arctic Poppy, Papaver lapponicum; Mountain Harebell, Campanula lasiocarpa; Weasel Snout,  Lagotis glauca ssp. Minor; Alpine Hawk’s beard, Crepis nana which is going to bloom into yellow flowers.

bpkonga 2009 006

Mountain Avens in the Arctic

In Coldfoot  Alaska, were we live in the summer, Avens grow in huge round groups on the gravel bars.

Bog Rosemary is a very poisonous plant.

bpkonga 2009 025
Arctic poppy


bpkonga 2009 260
bpkonga 2009 013

Bog Rosemaryy

bpkonga 2009 011

Bog Rosemary

Our Crew


  1. nice writing Brem & Day, good photos! looking forward to read some more about your adventures!

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